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Fail Fast Forward

Implement psychological safety in your teams.


If an organization really wants to do well in a world where innovation can make a difference, it’s not enough to have smart, motivated people on your team. We have to make sure that those talented people can use their knowledge at critical moments. We have to trust each other, dare to take risks, dare to face failure, share mistakes, give feedback and learn from them. Psychological safety is at the heart of this.

“Dynamic work environments need people who know how to work together.”

In a psychologically safe team we are not hindered by the fear of being rejected, of making mistakes, of embracing feedback and trusting each other, but learning and implementing ‘on the go’.

The secret ingredient of strong teams? Common ground. When we spend time making agreements about how we work together, how we make mistakes and what everyone needs to do best in the team, we create a framework to make this ‘common ground’ explicit, making ‘Fail Fast Forward’ the new standard.


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