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Giving and receiving feedback

Discover the art of giving and receiving feedback.


The increasingly complex forms of collaboration make feedback an insurmountable ‘skill of the future’. Organizations with a feedback culture know that sharing feedback will stimulate personal growth, innovation and a continuous flow of learning and adaptation. Most people agree that receiving and giving useful feedback is a good thing, but sometimes our own brain undermines our best intentions. Our brain often has yet to learn to associate feedback with growth and innovation.

“The conclusions you’ve drawn from your experiences with confrontation or criticism will influence the way you give and receive feedback.”

So learning about feedback is more than just the conversation techniques; knowing how to give feedback correctly. It’s about creating a safe environment where people feel comfortable giving feedback, where feedback is not seen as an attack, but as an opportunity to learn and grow. Where we know our own triggers and take into account the preferences of others. And then, after these conditions are met, we can talk about techniques for giving feedback.


* The Feedback session will be given twice, simultaneous (with the same content).


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