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Concentration is king

Never was there more distraction than today. The amount of stimuli coming at us every day has increased fivefold since the 1980s. On the one hand, of course, this is all exciting. We do like to work in a dynamic environment, where we are challenged to have maximum impact… that’s kicking!

On the other hand, the work has also become a lot more complex. We’re working on several projects in different teams, priorities change all the time and there’s only one important phone call to make and then… our whole planning is a mess.

“When was the last time you could work really undisturbed and could dive all the way down to the depths?”

In that environment of continuous distraction, there is a skill that is gaining in importance every day: focus. When you know how to shut yourself off from the stimuli around you, how to easily switch between projects and how to really recharge your brain, you are not only more productive, you save precious mental energy all day long. Focus is perhaps the skill of the future.


Learning track with digital learning stimuli and e-book related to 1:

  • live online training with 1 trainer (max. 10 participants)
  • live webinar with 2 trainers (10 to 100 participants)
Practical info

Duration: 90 – 120min.
Tool: Zoom, Webex, Teams
Language: ENG, NL, FR

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After each chapter you complete your personal focus template under the guidance of our content expert. You walk away with a step- by-step plan full of concrete actions and agreements for yourself (and the organisation of your work). In the e-book and the learning stimulus afterwards, you will be challenged to deepen and expand your focus habits.


During this Virtual learning journey we will delve into focus management and the ways in which we can learn this skill of the future.

• What does focus and distraction mean in our brain?

• How does focus come about in our brain?

• It’s all (bio)logical! Charter your focus peaks and lows.

• What’s distracting you? The 4 ‘focus leaks’ and brainhacks:

  • Away with (unnecessarily) internal thoughts and aberrations.
  • Protect your brain from over-stimulation.
  • Charge your brain for a focus boost.
  • Stimulate your brain with challenge.

• Exercise: The ‘focuschallenge’! How do we go from good intentions to ingrained focus habits.

Target Group

  • Office employees
  • Managers

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Learning with impact, also from a distance.


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