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Distance learning

In these bizarre times of the Coronavirus our aim is to support organisations in their search for alternative learning solutions. The Tipping Point has developed several interactive ‘virtual learning journeys’ covering topics like feedback, resilience & focusmanagement. No transfers needed, no software downloads or red tape and no boring presentations.

What to expect? A blended learning journey around an animated webinar (with 1 content and 1 pedagogical expert), with pre and postwork consisting of a series of digital learning stimuli with intakes, a teaser, worksheet and roadmap and a checklist to support the newly acquired skills.




That the work is changing is obvious, but what exactly is going to change and what that means is a lot more difficult to predict. Moreover, the nature of the change strongly depends on the sector itself. Based on our substantive expertise, we focus on 4 different themes:


Stress-resistant employees who are resilient to the changes of the future.


Committed executives who steer their teams towards higher performance.


Motivated employees who communicate more effectively and work together more efficiently.


Efficient (learning) professionals who implement learning as a cornerstone of sustainable employability.


From our neuroscientific approach, our passion for learning & development, and our extensive business experience, we have developed a number of tools to prepare organisations and their employees for what awaits us on the other side of the tipping point:



Lost the forest? Or just curious about how our team looks at your learning question from different areas of expertise? Together with you, we will look for the ideal learning trajectory to implement your organisational skills on the work floor.



We have developed a whole range of training modules. Sometimes these are used in ‘open offer-formula’, most of the time it’s about custom-made learning trajectories, depending on the target group and objectives.


Inspiration sessions

Want to put your topic top of mind in 90 minutes? This is possible with our inspiration sessions; short, powerful and interactive presentations of 60 to 90 minutes that can be given for larger groups.

Virtual learning journeys

Digital, interactive learning journeys, built around one or more animated live virtual trainings (with 1 content and 1 pedagogical expert), with pre- and postwork consisting of a series of digital learning stimuli and an e-book for each participant.

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