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UPDATE CORONA: Remote Learning

In these bizarre times of the Coronavirus our aim is to support organisations in their search for alternative learning solutions. The Tipping Point has developed several interactive ‘virtual learning journeys’ covering topics like feedback, resilience & focusmanagement. No transfers needed, no software downloads or red tape and no boring presentations.

What to expect ? A blended learning journey around an animated webinar (with 1 content and 1 pedagogical expert), with pre and postwork consisting of a series of digital learning stimuli with intakes, a teaser, worksheet and roadmap and a checklist to support the newly acquired skills.



The Tipping Point is a training and research agency that guides organizations to make their employees and managers more resilient and agile.

Concretely, we answer two questions:

  1. Which skills will gain in importance?
  2. Which methods are there to effectively implement these skills in your organization?

From our neuroscientific approach, our passion for learning & development, and our extensive business experience, we have developed a number of tools to prepare organisations and their employees for what awaits us on the other side of the tipping point:


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That the work is changing is obvious, but what exactly is going to change and what that means is a lot more difficult to predict. Moreover, the nature of the change strongly depends on the sector itself. Based on our substantive expertise, we focus on 4 different themes:


Based on our neuroscientific approach, our passion for learning & development and our extensive business experience, we have developed a number of tools to prepare organisations and their employees for what awaits us on the other side of the tipping point.


Stress-resistant employees who are resilient to the changes of the future.


Committed executives who steer their teams towards higher performance.


Motivated employees who communicate more effectively and work together more efficiently.


Efficient (learning) professionals who implement learning as a cornerstone of sustainable employability.


Lost the forest? Or just curious about how our team looks at your learning question from different areas of expertise? Together with you, we will look for the ideal learning trajectory to implement your organizational skills on the work floor.


We have developed a whole range of training modules. Sometimes these are used in ‘open offer-formula’, most of the time it’s about custom-made learning trajectories, depending on the target group and objectives.

Inspiration sessions

Your topic top of mind in 90 minutes? This is possible with our inspiration sessions; short, powerful and interactive presentations of 60 to 90 minutes that can be given for larger groups.

Virtual learning journeys

Digital, interactive learning paths, built around one or more animated live virtual training (with 1 content and 1 pedagogical expert each), with pre and post work consisting of a series of digital learning stimuli and visual support material for each participant.

Our Team

Learning, developing and changing is as it were in the blood of Katelijn and Tom Nijsmans. After 15 years in the world of Learning & Development they have developed a methodology based on Brain Based Learning. Together with a team of seasoned professionals they have developed a specific offer.

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Our clients say ...

  • At AG, we have been working with The Tipping Point since early 2020. Why is that? To offer our employees high quality sessions where they are effectively inspired as they 'walk out' and know what they can do differently in their private or working life. The people behind The Tipping Point actively think along with us and give suggestions where necessary. Their switch from classroom to virtual learning journeys has made the difference in Corona's times for our employees. They are just good at what they do, as evidenced by the many reactions we get from our employees such as: "The Tipping Point always does well!" or "Everyone should follow this session!" Each session is scientifically substantiated, their trainers are top notch in terms of content and pedagogy and the follow-up is an enormous added value.
    Liesa MolenaersLearning advisor at AG Insurance
  • The Tipping Point is a preferred partner for us in Learning & Development because they provide a very integrated approach with a clear and unique value proposition, in the field of 'brain learning'. The thorough approach and guidance in determining learning objectives, always customized solutions with focus on transfer, all based on how our brain learns, given by excellent trainers.
    TINNE DE BACKERLearning & Talent development manager, TELENET
  • The Tipping Point has a different perspective on learning and goes that extra mile to deliver a strong, high-quality education - with a focus on the best possible transfer to practice. We have learned to know them as an innovative partner that actively thinks along and offers a refreshing approach. A successful formula, as the reactions of our employees show: 'The training was very clear and fun and we will be able to use it well in practice' 'The trainers were excellent' 'Hopefully every employee gets this training! 'Strongly substantiated training thanks to the strong experience of the trainers'. We look forward to further cooperation!
    JANA HINDRYCKXLearning specialist retail, DELHAIZE
  • The trainings of The Tipping Point are described by our employees as follows: " A training that I can immediately implement in my job." " One of the most skilled and enthusiastic trainers I have seen." " The ideal mix between theory and practice." " Enormously instructive." " You get a lot of insight into yourself." It is also very pleasant to work with The Tipping Point as a Learning & Development department. In order to get a good insight into the needs of the organisation they ask specific questions, they also actively think along with the organisation and give appropriate advice. In this way, the training journeys not only match the needs, but also the culture of Argenta.. We see them as a very competent and valuable partner in supporting the Healthy Growth of our talents and our organization.
    Davina De BlockCoach Organisatie & Talent, Argenta Bank- en Verzekeringsgroep nv
  • We got to know The Tipping Point at de "Proeverijen" in 2017 and were immediately excited! The scientific approach and the link with the brain triggered us to get in touch and sit down at the table with them. In the meantime, almost a year on, we can talk about a successful collaboration. Together we have shaped a process of stress and resilience. The reactions of the participants are laudatory, not only about the content, but also about the trainers. Professional, experts in their field and above all passionate about what they do. Glad that we joined forces with them!
    KIMBERLY DE LAETLearning & Development, L&D Coördinator ELIA
  • The Tipping Point is a partner in the personal development of our employees. They are the perfect match with our organization and radiate the same values and passion as our employees. We still have many plans with them in our future development policy.


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