General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions The Tipping Point

  1. As general principle. The following are the rights and obligations relating to the services and information offered digitally by The Tipping Point CVBA via its website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”). The Tipping Point CVBA has the trading name “The Tipping Point” and has its registered office at Persoonshoek 7, 2800 Mechelen with company number 0638.791.421 (hereinafter: “The Tipping Point”). The said general conditions concern in particular the rights and obligations of lawful users regarding services and information which The Tipping Point makes available and/or processes directly or indirectly via its Website. They also cover the payment terms for the goods and services provided by The Tipping Point via its Website.
  2. Purpose and Object. The purpose of The Tipping Point’s Website is to inform clients and potential clients about The Tipping Point’s services, products, projects and events. Newsworthy facts (whether or not published on social media) and investigations that may be relevant to The Tipping Point’s clients and potential clients are also covered on the Website.
  3. Content -Website. Although The Tipping Point makes every effort to make only accurate information available to users of the Website, The Tipping Point cannot guarantee that all the information available on it is exhaustive, correct and entirely up to date. Intellectual property rights in force govern the content of the Website, including the logos and trademarks of The Tipping Point as well as texts, photos, applications, etc. made available. The Website visitor may consult these items for strictly personal use and only has a limited, non-exclusive right to use them. Any reproduction, distribution and/or communication to the public beyond the limits of this limited right of use is unlawful, except with the prior written consent of The Tipping Point.
  4. Protection of the right to privacy.Information processed via The Tipping Point’s website, such as visitors’ IP addresses, date and duration of connection, web pages consulted, number of visits, etc., shall remain anonymous and shall be processed in accordance with the fundamental rights and legal provisions concerning privacy. Such anonymous digital information shall only be used for statistical analytical purposes. Ensuring the optimal functioning of the website is the main purpose of this.The user may be asked to provide certain personal information to The Tipping Point, e.g. name and e-mail address, in order to gain access to certain specific services made available by The Tipping Point.The information thus provided by the user will only be used for the appropriate purposes. This information will not be passed on, relinquished, sold or made public in any other way to third parties. This is subject to the prior (written) consent of the user.

    The privacy policy of The Tipping Point, available via the Website, serves as a guideline for the processing and treatment of all information obtained from users. It may only be deviated from by mutual agreement.

  5. Conditions for use of services. Only users who fulfil the conditions for admission to the products, services or applications offered may make use of them. Whether these (financial and/or other) conditions are met by the user is a sovereign decision of The Tipping Point. If The Tipping Point judges that these conditions are not (or are no longer) met, it may suspend or discontinue all or part of the products or services provided. In doing so, the user may not claim any compensation or refund of any kind from The Tipping Point.
  6. Obligation of means. Unless explicitly stipulated otherwise, the commitments undertaken by The Tipping Point are purely effort or means commitments. The services and products offered on the Website always comply with the professional standards customary in the sector. Only by mutual agreement may result commitments by The Tipping Point which override the above provisions.
  7. The Tipping Point cannot offer any guarantee regarding the accessibility of the digital and other systems, applications and/or data to the user. The accessibility and proper functioning of the systems and applications depends on third parties with whom The Tipping Point has no contractual relationship.
  8. Liability. Only in the event of fraud or deception on the part of The Tipping Point can it be held liable for the inaccessibility of the Website, or for incorrect or incomplete information. In all other cases The Tipping Point is not liable.
  9. Subcontracting.The Tipping Point may subcontract the delivery of its products and services. In other words, subcontracting to third parties is permitted without the prior consent of the user. Subcontractors providing products and services for The Tipping Point on behalf of the user shall not be bound by any commitment or obligation to the user. Accordingly, The Tipping Point shall remain liable for the products and services provided by subcontractor(s) on its behalf. This is subject to a written agreement to the contrary between all parties concerned.
  10. Applicable law; courts. These general terms and conditions as well as the provision of services and the delivery of products by The Tipping Point are exclusively governed by Belgian law. In the event of a dispute between the parties, only the courts of Antwerp, Antwerp division (Belgium) shall have jurisdiction to hear such dispute. However, the parties shall make every effort to reach an amicable settlement in advance.
  11. Terms of payment. As regards the payment terms for services and products via the website, the relevant provisions of the ‘general terms and conditions’, which can be consulted on the individual offers, shall apply.