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Since 2015 The Tipping Point has set up learning and change processes with and at different organizations and this in different sectors. Below you will find the logos of some of our customers, as well as a series of testimonials, written by our contacts. If you would like more information, you can always reach us at info@thetippingpoint.be 

AG Insurance
Arysta LifeScience
AZ Sint-Jan
Global PSA
Janssen Pharmaceutica
Lloyds Pharma
Pauwels Consulting
Reynaers Aluminium
Van Breda
Van In

Our customers say…

  • At AG, we have been working with The Tipping Point since early 2020. Why is that? To offer our employees high quality sessions where they are effectively inspired as they 'walk out' and know what they can do differently in their private or working life. The people behind The Tipping Point actively think along with us and give suggestions where necessary. Their switch from classroom to virtual learning journeys has made the difference in Corona's times for our employees. They are just good at what they do, as evidenced by the many reactions we get from our employees such as: "The Tipping Point always does well!" or "Everyone should follow this session!" Each session is scientifically substantiated, their trainers are top notch in terms of content and pedagogy and the follow-up is an enormous added value.
    Liesa MolenaersLearning advisor at AG Insurance
  • The Tipping Point is a preferred partner for us in Learning & Development because they provide a very integrated approach with a clear and unique value proposition, in the field of 'brain learning'. The thorough approach and guidance in determining learning objectives, always customized solutions with focus on transfer, all based on how our brain learns, given by excellent trainers.
    TINNE DE BACKERLearning & Talent development manager, TELENET
  • The virtual journey 'giving & receiving feedback' was a success at our Pauwels Academy. The Tipping Point handles the teaching material, the slides and the process very professionally. Moreover, the webinar itself was supervised by top speakers, with a lot of enthusiasm. We are curious to find out more!
    Céline Van PuymbrouckPauwels Consulting
  • The Tipping Point has a different perspective on learning and goes that extra mile to deliver a strong, high-quality education - with a focus on the best possible transfer to practice. We have learned to know them as an innovative partner that actively thinks along and offers a refreshing approach. A successful formula, as the reactions of our employees show: 'The training was very clear and fun and we will be able to use it well in practice' 'The trainers were excellent' 'Hopefully every employee gets this training! 'Strongly substantiated training thanks to the strong experience of the trainers'. We look forward to further cooperation!
    JANA HINDRYCKXLearning specialist retail, DELHAIZE
  • The trainings of The Tipping Point are described by our employees as follows: " A training that I can immediately implement in my job." " One of the most skilled and enthusiastic trainers I have seen." " The ideal mix between theory and practice." " Enormously instructive." " You get a lot of insight into yourself." It is also very pleasant to work with The Tipping Point as a Learning & Development department. In order to get a good insight into the needs of the organisation they ask specific questions, they also actively think along with the organisation and give appropriate advice. In this way, the training journeys not only match the needs, but also the culture of Argenta.. We see them as a very competent and valuable partner in supporting the Healthy Growth of our talents and our organization.
    Davina De BlockCoach Organisatie & Talent, Argenta Bank- en Verzekeringsgroep nv
  • We got to know The Tipping Point at de "Proeverijen" in 2017 and were immediately excited! The scientific approach and the link with the brain triggered us to get in touch and sit down at the table with them. In the meantime, almost a year on, we can talk about a successful collaboration. Together we have shaped a process of stress and resilience. The reactions of the participants are laudatory, not only about the content, but also about the trainers. Professional, experts in their field and above all passionate about what they do. Glad that we joined forces with them!
    KIMBERLY DE LAETLearning & Development, L&D Coördinator ELIA
  • The Tipping Point is a partner in the personal development of our employees. They are the perfect match with our organization and radiate the same values and passion as our employees. We still have many plans with them in our future development policy.

  • The Tipping Point is not just another 3rdparty provider, they are a real L&D partner offering a unique combination of extensive brain based know-how with a refreshing and dynamic style. Working with The Tipping Point is all about trust, co-creation and going the extra mile to deliver top quality.

    ANNELEEN ARNOLDLearning & Development Manager, Deloitte Belgium
  • It's fantastic to be able to work with the team of The Tipping Point again and again.

    The workshops come about after a thorough discussion of background, company culture and desired results. And adjustment does not pose a problem at any time. The results don't lie; the workshops were so much appreciated that we were forced to set up a follow-up track.

    Moreover, not only do they have the right attitude and knowledge, but they also have the necessary connections to offer their workshops in both national languages. An absolute necessity in our organization.

    I look forward to further cooperation.

  • To the point, something different, passionately brought and thoroughly conceived. That's what typifies The Tipping Point for me.

    The leitmotif of brain learning throughout the workshops, trainings and demos is refreshing and at the same time powerful. You are challenged to look beyond traditional theories, training and existing HR.

    The people at The Tipping Point know what they are talking about... and make sure that you know what they're talking about after a session (workshop, training, demo...) at The Tipping Point.

    Pragmatism meets theory meets passion.

  • The Tipping Point has brought the seven principles of Brain Learning to an enthusiastic group of teachers of Christian Mutuality.

    The pitfall of a workshop with a didactic approach is that only public secrets are proclaimed, which quickly gives the participants the feeling that nothing is really new under the sun. The Tipping Point assessed this pitfall perfectly and avoided it by actively responding to the experience of the instructors, thus creating a wow-effect for all participants. Another strong feature of the workshop is that all the principles of Brain Learning were immediately applied, which supported the recognizability and credibility of the message very well. The Tipping Point not only inspired the trainers of Christian Mutuality, but also motivated them to focus on making the internal learning paths more effective.

    PATRICK PAUWELSCoördinator CM-campus
  • Thanks to The Tipping Point, our managers have gained a better insight into the day-to-day management of their employees. The Tipping Point trainings are very practical and tailor-made. We therefore see them as a very valuable partner in our further growth.

  • During our annual Trainers' Day at the Randstad Group, we had the good fortune to work with The Tipping Point. A group of enthusiastic internal trainers were included in their story of the seven principles of Brain Learning. Their tips and tools were clearly presented. Because of their inspiring and clear way of presenting, it became clear pretty quickly that our trainers had a large dose of motivation to focus on further increasing the transfer on the workplace.

    It is clear that this will certainly not be the last collaboration with The Tipping Point. Definitely highly recommended!

  • After a first collaboration with The Tipping Point, our team was very positively surprised during the training "Communication with Impact". The positive feedback from our team about the training followed was due to the quality of the approach of the trainers. They managed to remove the participants' fear of interaction by creating an extremely relaxed atmosphere.

    A real "customization" was also delivered. The content of the course was therefore well attuned to the experiences of the participants on the work floor, which they could share with the trainers without any obligation. This feeling of a safe cocoon in which a lot can and may be shared, ultimately formed a platform for our team to gain self-insight into their own approach and to learn how it could possibly be optimised.

    The trainers showed to have a very "acupuncturist" approach in which they were able to point out the points of attention/pain points to the participants in a fascinating way, so that they saw opportunities for improvement in their own way of working. The great thing about this group session is that each participant was able to take the floor and that everyone could individually learn to discover their own points of improvement with the associated tips/tricks from the trainers.

    It is not easy to find quality trainings that are as interesting and educational as the ones that are often announced by training institutes on websites. However, we can confirm with great satisfaction that The Tipping Point has delivered the quality it guarantees.

    We are looking forward to a next collaboration with The Tipping Point and its inspiring trainers.

    PHONG HUYNHTeamleider, Stafdienst Cultuur Provincie Antwerpen
  • Learning smarter together, that's what we go for every day at VAN IN.

    Within our organisation, learning and development are central.

    The Tipping Point as a training provider is fully in line with our vision and has a good sense of what the needs and expectations are.

    Both our employees and our clients take their enthusiasm and expertise into their story.

    We look forward to great projects together in the future.


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